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Course Schedule


Preparations for the course start well ahead of students going to the Philippines. Once the students have registered for the course there are several sessions to attend prior to the departure such as health briefing and a couple of discussions with the course instructors on topics revolving around the economics of developing countries and small business ownership. 



First week:


Students use this week as an intensive information gathering and investigation period. They spend their time learning how the business operates, what are the constraints they face, what the potential market it, etc. This also interlaces with constant interaction with the people they meet, figuring out what people do to make money or to feed, shelter or educate themselves.


• Second week:


This is the time that students will take the information gathered in the first week to pinpoint a particular issue or issues they would like to work on. During this time you will create a written report on the issue or issues you choose to focus on and start putting together some proposed solutions. Ideally, you will start to put in motion the plans to execute the solution during the latter half of this period.


• Third week:


This week, students continue to fine-tune their solutions, interfacing with the local business manager/owner, and hopefully, have the ability to put it into practice. Students will end the week with a full written draft of both the analysis of the problem they worked on and the solution they have proposed. 



Students still have time to submit the final video project that they have been working on while in Bohol. The video topic can be on any aspect of their stay in the country from personal experiences to storied of their host families, businesses or local culture. 

Grading & Other Info

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